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The WikiLeaks Files by Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire
by Julian Assange

When WikiLeaks came to prominence in 2010 by releasing 2,325,961 top-secret State Department cables, the world saw what the USA really thought about national leaders, friendly dictators & supposed allies. It also discovered the dark truths of national policies, human rights violations, covert operations & cover-ups. The WikiLeaks Files is the 1st volume that uses experts to collate the most important cables & show their historic importance.

The book explores in a series of chapters covering the major regions of the world how the USA has imposed its will. It reveals how it imposes its agenda on the world: a new form of imperialism that uses a variety of tactics from torture & military action, to trade deals & “soft power,” in order to expand its influence. It shows the details of the close relationship between government & big business in promoting US goods.

The WikiLeaks Files is the most comprehensive analysis of State department cables to date. Assange’s introduction exposes the on-going debates on freedom of information, international surveillance & justice. Regional expert contributors include Dan Beeton, Phyllis Bennis, Michael Busch, Peter Certo, Conn Hallinan, Sarah Harrison, Richard Heydarian, Dahr Jamail, Jake Johnston, Alexander Main, Robert Naiman, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Linda Pearson, Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, Russ Wellen & Stephen Zunes.
America & the dictators
Dictators & human rights
War & terrorism
Indexing the empire/Sarah Harrison
US war crimes & the ICC/Linda Pearson
Europe/Michael Busch
Russia/Russ Wellen
Turkey/Conn Hallinan
Israel/Stephen Zunes & Peter Certo
Syria/Robert Naiman
Iran/Gareth Porter
Iraq/Dahr Jamail
Afghanistan/Phyllis Bennis
East Asia/Tim Shorrock
Southeast Asia/Richard Heydarian
South Africa/Francis Njubi Nesbitt
Latin America & the Caribbean/Alexander Main, Jake Johnston & Dan Beeton
Venezuela/Dan Beeton, Jake Johnston & Alexander Main


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