Voices of Ancient Egypt: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

Voices of Ancient Egypt, Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life - Rosalie DavidSupporting the current trends toward document-based teaching, this book introduces the reader to the multifaceted world of ancient Egypt through revealing excerpts from 51 texts written by Egyptians themselves.

• Offers a fresh yet accessible approach to the study of ancient Egypt by giving readers firsthand insights into Egyptians’ own perceptions of their unique world

• Illuminates the character and social history of the ancient Egyptians as well as many aspects of daily life and practice

• Shows how the extensive timespan of ancient Egyptian civilization and its domination of the surrounding geographical areas exerted a profound influence that lasted through time

• Demonstrates how significant aspects of ancient Egyptian culture have been transmitted to the modern world

• Includes “Topics and Activities to Consider” to encourage discussion and allow readers to expand their knowledge

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