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Top 25 Internet Billionaires and Their Inspiring Stories of Success: Inspirational Lessons for Starting an Internet Business and Becoming a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Top 25 Internet Billionaires and Their Inspiring Stories of SuccessDo you want to become a great business leadership? Are you planning to build up a professional business? Are you looking for internet business opportunities? Do you want to know how to start an internet business? Or is your dream to become an internet millionaire or even billionaire? If so, this book would help you.

This book highlights the spectacular success of 25 internet billionaires, and outlines some essential life and business lessons for the aspiring entrepreneur.

In the modern age, more billionaires have sprung out of the internet than anywhere else, which has led some people to refer to it as a ‘billionaire mint’.

For lack of a better term, the internet is still a vivid, wild space. It’s the Wild West – an open ground with no rules. It’s fun and captivating, informational all hours of the day. But most importantly, the internet is a balancing scale – an equalizer. It’s the one place where everyone’s voice gets heard, in a level playing field.

In this interesting space where everyone’s voice is equal, possibilities that arise particularly are economic possibilities. And for those who know how to use the World Wide Web (WWW), the internet presents a crucial connection to the outside world. Some people use it for idle silliness, while others use it as a forum where their voice or original ideas can easily reach billions.

This special book is about entrepreneurs who have been able to bend the internet to their wills. So much so that they have managed to turn an open marketplace and rather simple ideas into insurmountable wealth.

Here are the top 25 billionaires who made their fortunes out of thin air, and now roam the earth like kings. In the following texts, you will also find a detailed insight of each one of them, together with the secrets and ideas that were key to their breakthroughs, whether related to hard work, calculation or wit.

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