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The Disaster Preparedness Handbook

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook eBook

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Let survival expert, Army veteran, NASA scientist help you and your family prepare for any kind of disaster—flood, civil unrest, hurricane, fire, war, earthquake.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the world spins like a top, the skies are clear, and your refrigerator is full of good food. But the world is a volatile place—storms rage, fires burn, and diseases spread.

No one is ever completely safe. Humans live as part of a very complex ecosystem that is unpredictable and merciless. Could you protect your family in the case of an emergency—domestic or global?

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook will help you to establish a practical disaster plan for your entire family (covering all fourteen basic human needs) in case the unpredictable happens.

Additional information is also presented for those with special needs, including the elderly and disabled, children, pregnant women, and even pets.

Well-researched by an army veteran and current NASA engineer, this is the essential guide every family should have, study, and keep handy, in case the unthinkable should occur.


“Families want and need actionable practical plans when disaster strikes and the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family has it all in one volume!” ( Shane Connor)

“An easy to read handbook packed full of very helpful information to cover any emergency one might encounter.” ( Marg Pollon, Founding Director of Bridges of Love Ministry Society)

“What I appreciated most from this book is Bradley’s focus on being prepared so that we can help those around us, and the unintimidating, conversational style in which he presents the information.” ( Cindy Baum, Books and Chocolate)

“This book is an incredible compendium of knowledge in the area of disaster preparedness. In spite of the many pages, it is never daunting or overpowering but rather written with a comfortable conversational tone.” ( Kerry Lewis, Master Anjing Banfa)

“Dr. Bradley’s sincerity, hands on research, and organization makes this book a treasure. It should be read by someone in every family, and a copy kept in every home.” ( Linda Hoover, 912 Group Lead, Centennial, CO)

“This handbook exceeded my expectations! It is a comprehensive presentation of ideas not only for disaster preparedness but also helpful for everyday living.” ( Dr. Lee Green, Dangerous Man Christian Conferences)

“I’ve found the book to be informative and well written with a good dose of common sense.” ( Scott Hansen, Battalion Chief-Emergency Preparedness)

“This book offers a comprehensive run-down of household preparedness activities that is easy to follow and implement.” ( Jeff Bowers, Confluence Disaster Preparedness Consulting)

“A great introduction to disaster preparedness in a single volume, both scholarly and easy to read!” ( James Talmage Stevens, author of Making the Best of Basics)

“Whether you’re a novice just starting out, a seasoned ‘prepper,’ or a die-hard survivalist, this is one book that you should add to your must read list.” ( Keith Erwood – The Disaster Preparedness Blog)

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