Taken by Lies

taken by liesSecrets are her weapon of choice

Everyone knows the woman who sings for the bar-goers every Friday night. They know her because she knows them. Gloria Straut keeps her friends close and her enemies closer. Living in the tough part of town, she has to know how to fight her battles—which she has perfected flawlessly .

He’d rather let his fists do the talking

Vinny Di Molto is muscle. He knows people talk when faced with the threat of a fist. He knows because it’s his job to know. Someone’s got to be the bad guy, and though he could be happy doing anything else, he has his brothers who have his back and the bike’s not too bad of a trade-off, either. It pays to be the one people are always afraid of.

When two immovable forces fatefully meet

The thrill of a challenge is something Gloria and Vinny crave. When Gloria stumbles upon a back alley meeting, eavesdropping might be her undoing. Vinny’s never been one to get blackmailed but there’s a first time for everything. Things should go smoothly, as long as feelings and desire don’t get in the way.

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