Stress Management and Prevention: Simple Techniques for Peace & Happiness. (Stress Free- Book 1)

Stress Management and PreventionLearn 7 Healthy Ways to Manage Stress. Have you reached a breaking point and seems too much to handle? If stress damages both your mental and physical health, then this becomes dangerous.

Stress is present in all facets of life: from work, school, and family and even in relationships. However, stress is not all bad because it can be a moving force that provides spice to your life. Without it, life can be boring and redundant.

Inside this book, you will learn and discover:

  • What are the early signs of stress?
  • Identify the different stress or so that you can cope with them.
  • Identify the unhealthy ways you may be coping with stress.
  • 7 simple and healthy ways to cope with stress.
  • Using time management to manage stress.

With sheer determination and positive outlook in life, you will be able to overcome stress and prevent it.

Everything lies in your own hands and it is your own body that you can make the change to control your life. Go ahead and start reading this book.

Start your journey, be stress-free, be happy and enjoy life!

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