Speed Reading: Learn How to Read Twice as Fast, and Understand Better

Speed ReadingLearn How to Read Twice Faster, and Understand Better

Reading faster is something that many of us want and truly need to be able to do. While speed reading is an acquired skill which takes effort and regular practice, it is a skill which every reader can learn and take advantage of at any stage of life.

Whether you need to complete a reading assignment by an impending deadline, you’re taking a timed exam with lots of text, or you just want to finish reading a magazine article quickly before leaving an office waiting room, speed reading is often useful and sometimes even crucial over the course of our lives.

This book will explain to you the ocular mechanics of reading, and offer tips for increasing your reading speed. Scientific research has proven that reading too fast can cause a decrease in comprehension, but this book will give you advice on how to avoid that pitfall and acquire the most information possible in the shortest amount of reading time. If you are a determined reader and willing to work hard, you may even be able to double or even triple your own reading speed.

Included in the book are:

  • A simple explanation of what our eyes do when we read
  • Research findings about reading speed
  • Good and bad practices for increasing reading speed
  • Descriptions of computer and phone apps that help improve reading speed, with links to sites offering free tools
  • Self-help tips for using speed reading to your best advantage
  • Guidance and exercises to help you to better understand what you are reading, and to know when less is more – when slowing down is preferable to speeding up

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