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Small-Scale Livestock Farming

Small-Scale Livestock FarmingePUB | 4 MB | 224 Pages

Small-Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass-Based Approach for Health, Sustainability, and Profit ePUB eBook

Full of practical everyday advice, this guide explains how a natural, organic approach to livestock farming produces healthy animals, reduces costs, and increases your operation’s self-sufficiency.

Livestock expert Carol Ekarius helps you create a viable farm plan, choose suitable livestock, care for your animals’ health, and confidently manage housing, fencing, and feeding. Case studies of successful farmers provide inspiration as you learn everything you need to know to run a prosperous livestock farm and make the lifestyle of your dreams a reality.

Starting a small-scale livestock farm? First, you need this book!Yes, you can have a prosperous farm and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams — and farming expert Carol Ekarius will show you how. Small farms can pay big dividends, Ekarius explains, but hard work alone isn’t enough: Success demands knowledge and effective management.

Ekarius’s natural, organic approach to livestock management produces healthier animals, reduces feed and healthcare costs, and maximizes your profit. Through case studies of successful farmers, nitty-gritty details on every facet of livestock farming, and fascinating insights for working with nature instead of against it, you’ll learn to make your farm thrive.

Small-Scale Livestock Farming will help you:

* Determine what you want from your farming life (even if your farm is simply a few backyard animals)

* Choose suitable livestock

* Understand housing, fencing, and feeding needs of livestock

* Learn about reproducing stock and caring for your animals’ health

* Investigate conventional and cutting-edge market strategies

* Create a complete financial and biological farm plan

* Make decisions that are good for you, for your animals, and for your land

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