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Prepper’s survival navigation PDF

Prepper’s survival navigation : find your way with map and compass as well as stars, mountains, rivers and other wilderness signs

PDF | 4 MB | 224 Pages

An easy-to-understand primer on time-tested navigation techniques that work when your GPS fails
When disaster strikes and your GPS is useless, ancient navigation techniques will ensure your survival. With this book, you can easily travel through even the farthest, remotest places. Utilizing tips from US Army manuals and lifelong wilderness experts, you’ll learn lifesaving navigation techniques, including how to:

• Orient yourself using a topographical map
• Find north using a compass, shadows and stars
• Calculate distance using landmarks and pace count
• Navigate unfamiliar terrain using dead reckoning
• Travel in low visibility with a navigator and point person
• Use landscape features to pinpoint location

This definitive guide to terrain navigation also teaches you essential survival skills like fire craft, water procurement and shelter making.

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