NLP: The Real Mind Control: A book that will make you understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Psychological Skills, Influence People, NLP Techniques) … Influence People, Neuropsychology)

NLP The Real Mind ControlRafael Gurkovsky is a highly acclaimed author and speaker. His life’s work revolves around leadership and management. He has written and co-written numerous leadership books and he’s aregular guest speaker of several Fortune 500 corporate events. His success as a guru in leadership is rooted in the kind of past that he was brought up with. His leadership and self-help advices will astound you. He provides insights that are both scientific and practical. As his life experience will suggest, you are sure to become a better person after finishing one of his books.

Rafael’s book is a radical take on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You’ll find easy-to-understand methods that will dramatically enhance your convincing power!

In today’s world, leverage is everything. It gets you places and brings you security. Did you know that gaining leverage doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have money and power? All it takes is an ability to make people believe in you and make them do what you need them to do. That’s what Rafael’s book on neuro-linguistic programming will teach you. You will develop the ability to take control of any situation and always be steps ahead of everybody.

Make people listen to you. Make people agree with you. Make peoplefollow you.

The ultimate goal of Neuro-linguistic programming is to give you an advantage over people. Let’s face it. Life isn’t what you see in TV. It’s ruthless, relentless, and it won’t stop if you need a break. Gaining real freedom requires you to gain people who are on your side; people who either work for you or work with you. After you’ve read Rafael’s book, you will be convinced that you can make that happen by just talking.

Be more in control and live a happier life!

Gaining the ability to convince everyone you encounter will allow you more freedom in your life because you are able to make people do what you need them to do without having to become overly authoritative. Aside from being able to motivate people, you also gain partners for whatever endeavor you have. Rafael’s book will definitely give you:

  • More time
  • More people
  • More opportunities
  • More happiness
  • More success

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