New Age & Spirituality, Non-fiction

Meditation: Your Guide To Mindfulness – Spiritual Growth, Stress Relief And Happiness (Meditation For Beginners, Meditation Techniques, Spiritual Growth, Stress Management)

Meditation – Your Guide To MindfulnessDo you meditate? Would you like to make this practice a part of your daily life? Would you like some guidance and advice as you explore this lifestyle?
If so, then Jasmine Bell’s Meditation: Meditation for Beginners Meditation Techniques, Spiritual Growth and Stress Management is the book for you! Let her introduce you to the world of meditation and help you prepare yourself for this amazing journey!

Meditation can:

    • Help you find peace of mind and body


    • Uplift your spirit to a higher spiritual plane


    • Reduce your stress and anxiety


    • Understand and appreciate the source of all emotions


  • and even Create positive feelings in your body and mind

It’s time to walk forward in your life – confident in the road ahead!

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