How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Volume 5

How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Volume 5If you’re curious about the world we live in, you’ve come to the right place! With sections on Environment, Technology, Science, Space, Transport and History, you are sure to satisfy your hunger for knowledge here. If you’ve ever questions how YouTube works, what would happen if two planets collided or what airless tyres are, this is the book for you.
Discover the incredible secrets of the world we live in

– Why is it hotter in cities? What are sinkholes? Do zombie animals exist?

– Are there more than five human senses? What is anxiety? Why do we get cravings?

– What is space salad? Is Titan Earth’s toxic twin? How are exoplanets found?

– How were drones used in WWII? What was inside a Huey? Who were USA’s first firemen?

Also inside…
What species inhabit the African savannah?
Why is the honey badger so fearless?
Why is Lake Natron so inhospitable?
How do aphids dictate ladybird behaviour?
Why do lizards like to bask in the sun?
What’s behind Christmas Island’s red crab invasion?
How do weaver birds build their nests?
How do frost flowers form?
…and much more!

How does YouTube work?
How are musical notes amplified?
What is 5G?
What is inductive wireless charging?
How do erasers work?
How are man-made waves made?
What is Google cardboard?
What are organs on chips?
…and much more!

Why does popping candy pop?
What is the diving reflex?
How is hair transplanted?
Why do cats go crazy for catnip?
What is the Large Hadron Collider?
Why does foam form?
How do fireworks make shapes?
What is keratin?
…and much more!

What if two planets collided?
What is it like on lonely planets?
What colour are the planets?
Can a spaceship be repaired in orbit?
What is the aim of NASA’s Europa mission?
What are the icy scars of Tethys?
How do water bears fare in space?
What are temperatures like in space?
…and much more!

What is the future of commuting?
What is an AirBoard?
What inside the ultimate cruise ship?
How do twin-clutch gearboxes work?
What are unmanned ships?
How do aircraft toilets work?
Can cars be solar powered?
What’s inside a nuclear submarine?
…and much more!

How was ocean depth first measured?
What’s inside the Washington National Cathedral?
How was wine made in Ancient Israel?
Who invented the first pencil sharpener?
When did the ‘butcher crocodile’ roam Earth?
How have fridges evolved?
Why did the dodo die out?
What was it like inside a Japanese castle?
…and much more!

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