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Hossfeld’s Spanish Dialogues by C. Hossfeld

Hossfeld’s Spanish Dialogues, and Idiomatic Phrases Indispensible for a Rapid Acquisition of the Spanish Language by C. Hossfeld 

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The aid of a reliable book of dialogues in the study of a language cannot be overestimated,

and it is with a view to further increasing the usefulness in this respect of the present work that it has been thoroughly revised, and a number of important changes made in it.

The pages on Spanish pronunciation have been re-written and augmented, as have also those on the verbs, and numerous additions have been made to the vocabularies, several of which have also been rearranged.

As in the new editions of the French and other dialogues of the series, idioms and proverbs, alphabetically arranged, have been substituted for less useful matter, and some aids are given to letter-writing,

but for a full treatment of this latter subject those interested are referred to special works dealing with it issued by the same publishers.

The above changes, together with others of a minor character, but which bring the work right up to date, will, it is felt, be appreciated by all desirous of acquiring a good conversational knowledge of the Spanish language.


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