Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe

Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection by Linda Howe


Tap Into the Archives of the Soul to Discover Your Path to Inner Peace

Imagine opening a book that told the story of your life and suddenly you realized that the painful parts held the key to knowing yourself as completely whole, well, and good.

As many of Linda Howe s students have found, this is the transformative process that we can experience in the Akashic Records, an energetic archive of the soul and its journey.

With the Healing Through the Akashic Records book and companion audio-learning set, this leading expert shares how we can use our wounds the limiting behaviors or ideas that we hold about ourselves-as a path to inner peace.

Although our healing work takes place in the spiritual realm, teaches Howe, this process involves clarifying our difficulties, gaining insights into them, and arriving at real-world solutions that we can bring into our everyday lives.

Using Howe s unique three-step process that she gleaned over the past twenty years of working in the Records, you ll learn how to tap into this infinite resource to gain a soul-level perspective on your wounds and unlock their potential for growth by exploring:

How to access the Akashic Records using the Pathway Prayer Process
Tips for identifying your primary sacred wound the hurtful event, person, or circumstance that is holding you back
Strategies for liberating you from old ideas and limiting patterns
Tools for making choices aligned with your most authentic self for your highest good
Three ways to activate the Ascension Matrix to help you realize your hopes and dreams
Governed by the principles of judge not, fear not, resist not, the Akashic Records provide a safe and ideal environment for our spiritual healing, teaches Howe. Healing Through the Akashic Records offers practical wisdom and consciousness-shifting tools for developing a richer connection with our innermost self, a greater sense of aliveness, and increased joy for living



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