A Garden of Miracles by Jill Davies PDF

A Garden of Miracles: Herbal Drinks for Pleasure, Health and Beauty by Jill Davies

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Herbal teas are here to stay.

In A garden Of Miracles Jill Davies shows exactly how to develop an awareness and an intuitive understanding of herbs and their uses.

She gives a personal selection of over one hundred plants for tea drinking, described these with fascinating details about their flavor, color and smell, how they can best be grown and blended and their far reaching medicinal virtues.

The drinking of herbal infusions serves numerous healing functions.

The author explains how to use many formulations, giving practical advice on teas to treat specific ailments which range from arthritis and rheumatism to diabetes and insomnia

A Garden Of Miracles will not only help maintain a healthy body but will also help you keep your body beautiful.

There are herbal infusions for reviving the color and condition of hair and toning the skin naturally.

There are teas for stimulation, relaxation and daily pleasure; while the loving cup speaks for itself.


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