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Emergency Food Storage and Survival

Emergency Food Storage and SurvivalPDF | 1 MB

Emergency Food Storage and Survival: The Handbook You Need to Keep Your Family Safe (Food, Medical Supplies, Power, and More) PDF

Learn how to store all the food your family will need, basic medical preparedness, and how to keep your home powered and secured for months as the emergency worsens.

With this guide you will be armed with the fundamental knowledge you need to know to survive.

You’ll also learn how to avoid making common mistakes that could be the weak link in your survival chain!

Table of contents :

Chapter 1: What Am I Prepping For?Job loss
Personal loss
Natural disasters
Disease outbreaks
Economic collapse
War and civil conflict
Two important rules for preppers:

Chapter 2: Water and Food
Water is life
Other water-related supplies
Boiling is best
How to properly store water
Nutrition matters
Other food-related supplies
General water-and-food tips

Chapter 3: Medicine, Hygiene, and Sanitation
Why medical supplies matter
What supplies to get first
Other medical supplies
Hygiene and sanitation
Disposing of waste and trash
Tips for health, hygiene, and sanitation

Chapter 4: Power and Heat
Power-related supplies
Heat-related supplies
General tips related to power and heat

Chapter 5: Security and Defense
Security-related supplies
Defense-related supplies
General tips for security and defense

Chapter 6: Bugging Out
When should you bug out?
Where should you bug out?
Bugging out is usually more dangerous than “bugging in”
The bag
General tips for bugging out

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