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Dinner Chez Moi: The Fine Art of Feeding Friends

Dinner Chez Moi - The Fine Art of Feeding FriendsLaura Calder is one of Canada’s most charming Food Network hosts, proving herself witty, engaging, an excellent
teacher and a great deal of fun. Laura’s passion for cooking and writing about food shines through in her elegant cookbooks.

Dinner Chez Moi is menu-based and seasonal, offering multiple options and mix-and-match menus, which gives cooks as many ideas for meals as there are days in the year.

Dinner parties, Laura says, are not stuffy and difficult ordeals; rather, as she puts it, “In my world, ‘dinner party’ just means eating with others.

It can be as simple as an omelette or a baked potato, but if I’m not stuck eating it alone, that’s party enough for me!” Dinner Chez Moi is a book for anyone who wants to cook for people they love.

Detailed plans and menus deliver thoughtful advice and guidance, with a light touch. Photography is as lovely as in French Taste, with a fresh and elegant design.

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