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Auschwitz Greatest Escape

Auschwitz Greatest Escape True Stories of Camp Escapees in the HolocaustFor many a trip to the dreaded death camps created by the Nazi’s in World War II was a death sentence. Many wouldn’t live for long after disembarking their train. Others were sentenced to hard labor that would eventually claim them or drive them to take drastic measures and attempt to escape.


Most would be brought back, dead or soon to be dead.
There are some stories that stand out from the rest. Men who dared to defy one of the most brutal forces in history, the Nazi regime. These men weighted the odds and were determined to do what few managed to do, escape.
First we have the story of two men, whose motivation was not only to escape in order to ensure their own survival but the survival of others as well. They were determined to make it out and warn those that might be next for the camps. Would they make it out? Would anyone listen to what they had to say? Read more and find out.
The next story is that of not one or two men finding their way out of a camp, but an all-out revolt. After a shocking note lets them know that they are slated for extermination, desperate men resort to desperate measures to try and survive. Can the son of a Rabbi and a former Soviet music major rally enough men to entertain certain death? Will they succeed and at what cost? Learn more about their story and find out if they made it to freedom.
There is no doubt that the holocaust was one of the most shameful events in human history. There were triumphs though. Find out what became of these men who were desperate for survival.

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