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97 Ways to Burn Fat and Boost Sex Drive: Simple and Effective Ways to Lose Weight, Increase Energy, and Boost Libido

97 Ways to Burn Fat and Boost Sex Drive97 Simple and Easy Ways You Can Simultaneously Burn Fat and Boost Your Sex Drive

Have you gained weight, have no energy, are completely stressed, and have loss your sex drive? Are you looking for natural easy ways to transform yourself to be healthier and happier? This book will give you just that. Effective ways that can seamlessly be integrated into your life to help you look better, feel sexier, and reduce stress.

Here is what’s inside



    • Small dieting tactics to rev your metabolism and sexual desire


    • How certain foods can help you look better and relieve stress


    • Exercise techniques that can spike your metabolism and keep you burning fat for days


    • Natural supplements to help you lose weight and keep your sex drive in tact


    • Fun and exciting ways to burn fat with your significant other and renew the spark in your relationship



Why you need this book

In this book are 97 different diet, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle habits that can help you burn fat, increase your energy, and kick-start your sex drive. You need this book because there are 97 different tactics which offer you a great deal of variety. If you try a few, and they don’t work for you, there are a host of other techniques to help you transform your body and your sex life. The key is OPTIONS. Most weight loss plans are restrictive. They give you no flexibility. Because of this you fail and never lose weight. In this book are many options to help you transform your body, increase your energy and renew your sex drive based upon your own personal preferences and lifestyle.

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